Paranormal Watchtower

Fun podcast about anything and everything paranormal. Join your hosts Brandon and Ray as they explore multiple aspects of the paranormal.

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Friday May 10, 2024

Paranormal Watchtower Episode 12: Exposing Paranormal Hoaxes and a Graveyard MysteryJourney with your hosts, Brandon and Ray, as they explore eerie tales, crack open notorious paranormal hoaxes, and uncover the truth behind a graveyard mystery in episode 12 of Paranormal Watchtower. This episode takes you on an eye-opening journey into a world lurking with unexplained phenomena and alleged psychic abilities.Unravel the mysterious case of a sister selling her brother's grave in an ordinary neighborhood and the subsequent fallout. Discover the controversial world of paranormal hoaxes, as we dissect the infamous saga of The Fox Sisters and the highly debated Amityville case. Are these reported incidents a well-played act for fame and money, or is there some sinister entity truly at work?Join us as we navigate the murky waters of belief and skepticism, ethics in paranormal investigations, and the enduring legends of creatures like the Loch Ness Monster. This episode digs deep into the unknown, offering thought-provoking discussions, spine-chilling personal experiences, and unforgettable instances of the paranormal world.Note: This episode involves a game titled 'Who Said It?', where we attempt to uncover the fine line between reality and the paranormal. Plus, the gripping narrative surrounding a supernatural mystery in an old limestone house in a small Kansas town will leave you on the edge of your seat.From dancing on the fence of belief and disbelief to plunging into tales of deep-sea creatures and underground oceans, our twelfth episode is a rollercoaster ride into everything paranormal. Buckle your seatbelts and journey into the unknown with Paranormal Watchtower.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Welcome to Episode 11 of 'Paranormal Watchtower', where hosts Brandon and Ray dive deep into a fascinating exploration of angels, aliens, and ghosts. Engaging debates around unconventional theories, and hypothetical possibilities, this episode promises a thrilling journey for those intrigued by the unknown. From the mysteries of religious scriptures to the possibilities of hoodwinking technology, your understanding of the ethereal will be questioned.
In this episode, the duo discusses the controversial existence of ghosts, citing noted social psychologist and paranormal investigator Joe Nickell. While skeptical of his findings, the discussion remains civil and insightful. The episode also introduces Joe's perspective on the paranormal experiences such as encounters with Bigfoot and haunted locations. Despite the diversity and meticulous analysis of his arguments, they encourage debate among listeners.
The show extends beyond discussions, exploring psychological facets of paranormal experiences. Our guest unveils effects of electromagnetic fields on human anatomy, providing insight into ghost sightings. The journey of debunking paranormal experiences uncovers skepticism about popular ghost hunting gadgets, and the role pop culture plays in molding public fascination with the unknown.
Lastly, they bring their critical observations on the subject of private investigations into the limelight. They question the existence of intelligent entities and demons in abandoned locations. Through humor-filled interfaces with listeners, they involve everyone in the debates on theories on the spiritual world and the interpretation of revelations. This episode is sure to be a delightful thrill for anyone with an interest in the paranormal.

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Welcome to another riveting episode of Paranormal Watchtower with your hosts Brandon and Ray! Our dynamic duo takes their listeners on an enthralling journey, exploring an assortment of topics that range from old customs and beliefs, to haunting historical facts, perplexing ghost paradoxes and the uncharted territories of gender in the spirit realm. They explore frightening stories behind everyday idioms, delve into old English towns' spine-chilling burial practices, and raise intriguing questions on haunting anatomy. However, the conversation doesn't stop there! The hosts dive deeper with a daring discussion on the existence and functioning of ghosts, spirits, and an intense debate on Incubus versus Succubus. Unfolding the argument on demons possessing gender, they explore the existence of demonic genitalia. Join them as they analyze the roles of angels and demons in the paranormal world and the unseen battles they represent in our everyday lives. The discussion subsequently ventures into a captivating debate on the nature of negative forces and their methodologies. Personal experiences, faith, and exploration of the supernatural collide in an exhilarating dialogue about demonic possessions, oppression, and exorcisms. Furthermore, the hosts lay out their encounters with the paranormal and the influence it casts on their faith. This is a riveting episode, packed with personal revelations, profound discussions, and will keep you gripped with its blend of supernatural theories, debunked myths, and haunting truths. Capping off with a debate around ancient predictions and engagement protocols in paranormal investigations, this discussion will surely leave you questioning the norm and pondering over the supernatural. Engage in this enlightening and challenging conversation about the realm of the paranormal and its impact on the human experience.

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

In this captivating episode of Paranormal Watchtower, join hosts Brandon and Ray as they unravel the enigmatic world of superstitions, mythic beliefs, and witch culture. Venture into a ride filled with intriguing truth, hilarious banter, and paranormal wonders that are sure to leave you spellbound.Explore popular beliefs about red cardinals and their roles as ghostly messengers. Uncover fascinating architectural practices thought to ward off witches and immerse in unique practices ranging from burying a horseshoe under your step to burning sage to fend off evil spirits.Take a humourous yet insightful detour into various food taboos from around the globe. Learn about witch-centric decorum and uncanny etiquettes in tea ceremonies and embrace a wild array of superstitions. No corner of the world is left unexplored in this exhilarating discussion, from peculiar Turkish legends to curious Victorian age customs.Unfold the eerie practices of the Victorian era, illuminating the tradition of stopping clocks at a person's death to fascinating mourning and burial customs. Descend into a discussion about the haunting number '666' and dip a toe into the chilling world of bloodletting, while also learning about seemingly harmless beliefs.The episode culminates in an engaging exploration of multicultural traditions and gives you a chance to wonder at the resilience of these beliefs in contemporary times. Packed with both spine-tingling tales and humorous anecdotes, this episode is perfect for thrill-seekers and curiosity hunters. Tune in for an unforgettable journey into the paranormal!Please note: This episode may not have explicit gory details but contains thrilling snippets that might cause chills down your spine. Viewer discretion advised.

Friday Apr 12, 2024

Delve into the mystical world of superstitions with the latest podcast episode, "Demystifying Superstitions: Unraveling Beliefs and Omens". Tune into anecdotes on personal experiences, cultural beliefs and bizarre superstitions ranging from holding your breath while passing a cemetery to the eerie significance of a bird hovering indoors. Hear intriguing tales on sports and death-related superstitions that have been passed down through generations. Discover what these superstitions may mean to different cultures and religions and how they shape societal belief systems. This captivating discussion promises light-hearted fun, enlightening facts, and spine-chilling stories.Dive deeper into the realm of the unknown as we trace the fear of the number '13' back to the 1307 arrest of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th. Learn about ancient societies' fear of ghosts, burial customs and 'no, no day'. Find out about peculiar superstitions like the necessity to inform bees about their keeper's death and the theories around pennies, mirrors, clocks and many more. In this blend of personal revelations, folklore and history, your understanding of the paranormal and superstitions will surely be expanded.In a thrilling twist, this episode also explores the supernatural world from the perspective of death and its aftermath. Join us as we grapple with death customs such as disposing a body feet-first or singing at the dinner table as an invitation for evil spirits. Listen to enthralling theories like the belief that placing two mirrors facing each other creates a portal for the devil or the phenomenon of smelling the scent of a deceased loved one. Tune in for this lively, thought-provoking and eerie discussion on our postmortem world.Join "Paranormal Watchtower: Episode 8 - Superstition Myths and Facts" hosted by Brandon and Ray. They journey through curious superstitions from worldwide cultures, invoke the supernatural, delve into protection rituals and eerie phenomena. From tales of witches, their myths and rituals, to mundane acts like gazing into a mirror by candlelight possibly revealing the unseen, this episode promises to spook listeners out of their wits!

Monday Apr 08, 2024

In the latest captivating episode of the Paranormal Watchtower podcast, we invite you on a journey to the notorious Winchester Mystery House. Our hosts, Brandon and Ray, share spine-chilling accounts of ghost sightings, delve into the intriguing life story of Sarah Winchester, and explore the eerie architectural oddities of this fascinating dwelling.Step inside the halls of one of America's most haunted houses as designated by Time Magazine, as we give you a cinematic tour filled with spectral encounters and paranormal trifecta of residual, intelligent, and shadow figure hauntings. Come face-to-face with the famous Wheelbarrow Man Ghost, known for his haunting presence throughout the estate, and decide for yourself whether these stories hold a grain of reality, or are just a product of fascinating folklore.Unless you're faint of heart, we dare you to accompany us on this exhilarating journey and allow yourself to be swept up in the haunted reality the Winchester estate presents. As we sift fact from fiction and speculate on the vengeful spiritual struggles and intent behind the ceaseless workmanship of Sarah Winchester, we discover there is always more to the story than what meets the eye. Hear fascinating theories, challenging myths, and interesting anecdotes about one of California's most enigmatic haunted houses.Prepare yourself for an auditory adventure that transports you straight into the peculiar heart of the Winchester Mystery House. So buckle up as we present fresh perspectives on terrifying tales and bring you one step closer to understanding the truth about this bewitching mansion. Are you ready for your ears to tingle?

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Welcome to a spine-chilling episode of Paranormal Watchtower, where we pull back the curtain on the happiest place on Earth - Disneyland! Embark on a thrilling journey with hosts Brandon and Ray, as they dissect the park's unsettling incidents since its opening in 1955 to present times, including disastrous events, freak accidents, and even alleged ghost sightings. Immerse yourself in the exploration of eerie incidents, terrifying accidents, and questionable safety protocols of Disneyland. From a worker's untimely demise in a rotating stage show to the horrifying abductions dating back to the late '80s, this thrilling episode will keep you on the edge of your seats.Further in the episode, we delve into the fascinating and somewhat unnerving side of Disneyland. From the alarming fatality caused by a water-flow turbine, to inexplicable events and the wider influence of the Disney corporation, listen as Brandon and Ray ponder Disney's larger-than-life status and the hidden messages conveyed in its cinematic offerings.That's not all! Tune in as our hosts discuss possible hauntings, including the legend of Walt Disney's ghost and the disturbing tales of spirits inside Disneyland's popular attractions. We also touch on the enduring rumor about Disney's cryogenic freezing, analyzing if there's any truth behind it.Lastly, don't miss our exclusive sneak peek into the Winchester House's exploration in our next episode. Brace yourselves for a hair-raising adventure with Paranormal Watchtower, your trusted source for unearthing inexplicable phantoms, eerie happenings, and everything the paranormal world has to offer!

Saturday Mar 30, 2024

Welcome to a new episode of 'Paranormal Watchtower', where we explore the mystic and eerie existence of haunted objects. Hosts Brandon Kramer and Ray Right captivate you with tales of renowned haunted items- from the infamous Annabelle doll to a haunted toaster that claims to be a home to Satan himself. They also scrutinize eBay listings believed to feature cursed objects, engaging you in their chilling narratives.Dive deeper as we bring the controversial debate around haunted artifacts to the fore, with captivating discussions on the existence of cursed necklaces, haunted photographs, and the sinister Robert the Doll. Brace yourself as we walk you through the chilling experiences of those who interacted with these items and lived to tell their tales, leaving you pondering the enigma of the unseen world.Experience the thrill as we take you through the fascinating history and contested authenticity of Dybbuk boxes- rumored to harbor malevolent spirits. Walk with us as we try to debunk the widely accepted belief of demonic possession of inanimate objects, challenging the theories around popular haunted items- with a spotlight on a haunted wooden decoy selling for a fortune.Furthering our intriguing journey into the paranormal world, we delve into the suspicious activities around the alleged haunted doll, Adam, and the chilling story of a suicide painting. Crafted amidst despair by a discredited artist who ended his life mid-production, we explore the haunting tale and legacy left behind by this eerie masterpiece.Join Brandon and Ray in this riveting episode, as they navigate the shadowy corners of the supernatural world - debunking myths, understanding legends, and cherishing the strange in a truly paranormal experience. Tune in today!

It's Aliens Man - Episode 4

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Join us on "Paranormal Watchtower", where hosts, Brandon and Ray unravel the mystifying world of aliens and conspiracy theories. This episode oscillates between skepticism and conviction, uncovering theories about alien visits, sightings, and high-profile conspiracies. Delve into discussions about the possibility of different types of aliens' existence and the paramount debate on ancient civilizations' architectural marvels. Brandon and Ray will provoke your thoughts about our solitary existence in the universe.Progression of UFOs: Technology or Extraterrestrial Existence?In an exhilarating episode, we scrutinize the established theories about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), now referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). We undermine the conventional narratives and expose contradictions in government transparency. Discover whether continuous UFO reports reflect advanced human technology or evidence of extraterrestrial existence. We also travel through popular conspiracy theories, examining weather control technologies and opening sky portals. Tune in for a revealing exploration of mysteries and unexplained phenomena.Exploring the Unknown: The Norway Sky, UFO Sightings, and The Men in Black MysteryOn this enthralling episode of 'Unravelling the Paranormal', we delve into the weird and the unexplained. Witness mesmerizing Norwegian sky lights and UFO sightings, explore the enigma of the Men in Black, and scrutinize the eerie phenomena of shadow figures. We also discuss historical mysteries including Area 51 and the WOW signal, engaging in deep-dive discussions on some of the most controversial extraterrestrial theories. Join us on this journey as we roam the realms of the unknown.They Live: Spotting Aliens Among UsIn this captivating episode, co-hosts Brandon and Ray question the probabilities of aliens living among us and hypothesize remarkable alien spotting devices. Drawing insights from the iconic film "They Live," they host a lively debate and challenge listeners to view the film. Tread through exciting tales of ordinary individuals uncovering their neighbors' extraordinary secrets. Together, we explore why aliens, if they exist, might choose to remain silent. This episode is a fascinating blend of cosmic riddles, conspiracy theories, and film-centric debates.

Monday Mar 04, 2024

Welcome to the third thrill-packed episode of Paranormal Watchtower. Get ready to journey with our hosts Brandon and Ray into the tantalizing and little-known realms of the paranormal. This episode defies popular myths and misconceptions around everything from ghosts and aliens to vampires and haunted houses.Delve into lively debates about the existence and characterization of extraterrestrial beings and the concept of modern-day vampires. Hear discussions on how supposed 'haunted' locations can often profit from their eerie reputations. Join in as the hosts dispel the notion that every unexplained sound cause has a paranormal origin.Explore the intriguing world of ghost hunting. Uncover realities that are often overshadowed by Hollywood exaggerations, including how ghost hunting isn't always filled with scary encounters. Dicuss the trustworthiness of high-tech equipment in detecting paranormal activities and the importance of scrutinizing the received data.Deep-dive into the infamous Jersey Devil legend that has been enthralling humans for centuries. Participate in enthusiastic talks about the possibilities of time travel after death, and question if ghosts might be demons.Discover the supernatural occurrences around the Leeds house in New Jersey, at the heart of mythical tales and stories of the legendary New Jersey Devil. Exchange thoughts on the controversial subjects of haunted dolls and possessions.End your listening experience with a live Q&A session recapping personal experiences with famous and unknown locations, their excitements, disappointments, and gain insight into potential breakthroughs in paranormal investigations. Embark on this intriguing journey into the unknown with us on the Paranormal Watchtower Podcast. See you next time!


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